Kicking unhealthy foods out my life (sugar) day #6 out of 365 days.

Finding substitutes to replace my sweet cravings has not been that difficult, for the past few days I've developed a system. One of the most important part of my system Is exercising, I am now working out more often than usual and I feel absolutely incredible. Especially in these times, with covid19 spreading like wildfire it is so important to stay healthy build up your immune system and improve lungs capacity. So, kicking out unhealthy foods combined with exercise, drinking alot of water daily and eating healthy can help boost your immune system quickly.

I was able to wipe up some healthy treats using all natural ingredients, not only does it tastes great, after eating it I no longer suffer from indigestion and haven't used any acid reflux medication since. There's no doubt that I'm definitely on the right track and I intend to stay on course, I'll continue sharing my daily struggles and achievements in hope that it will help and encourage anyone that also fight with unhealthy foods habits. I'll end with this note, removing an unhealthy food out of your daily diet intake can only make you feel better, healthier, stronger and happier. I will like to thank all of you that read my blogs and have shared some of your ingredients on how to prepare sugar free treats.