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Life Coaching

Here at Wheelsheals, get signed up with our specialist with over seventeen years of experience. Get the right program that suits you, be it coping with a disability or struggling with addiction, depression, Relationship Struggles, loneliness, or any life challenges.

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Stress Relieve Session

You can call Wheelsheals whenever you are feeling down or if you need someone to talk to. It's always good to take some time for yourself and shake off your heavy burdens. We have different techniques, exercise programs that you will find very beneficial.

One On One Consultation

When it comes to providing the right services with Wheelsheals, we take our time to understand and get to know each situation. And together, So we start with a one-on-one consultation that will help us create the perfect project for you.

Free Yoga

Breathing And Stretching

Getting started with Wheelsheals is essential. When you begin, your mind and body are up to challenges ahead. Daily sessions of yoga breathing and stretching would help get you prepared for a successful transition.

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Overcome Obstacles

Now, as someone living with a disability for the past seventeen years, I understand life's challenges. It is important to have belief and focus on achieving the goals set ahead. You believe in yourself combined with motivation and determination.

Online Workout

Virtual Workout Sessions

We have designed a combination of day-to-day living exercises that we guarantee will successfully improve your mobility, develop muscles management, and increase stamina.  Daily routine has proven to boost dopamine levels in the brain.

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