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WheelsHeals?  One day after an on-water training session at Cambridge Rowing Club, accompanied by my wife by my side while making our way through the park. We came across a bunch of young adults apparently having themselves a good time drinking and smoking, yep, they were buzzing all right because as we make our way through the young crowd I can hear a few of them chanting "go wheels". They were saying it in an encouraging happy manner it made my wife and I chuckle.  And every time I go to Cambridge through that park my wife and I would always remember that playful nickname, wheels. That`s how the name Wheels Heals was born.


Inspiring Change


In the year 2005, I was shot, the bullet struck my spinal cord which left me paralyzed from the waist down. I thought my life was over, after all, I wasn't born this way. A lot of family and friends abandoned me in my time of need, I was left all alone to rebuild my life. There were times I wanted to end my life, times I cried like a small child, but something kept me going forward, something kept me strong. This something was the fact that I was still breathing in air and that I was still able to use my hands. I was alive and I wanted to stay that way...

One day while traveling to London I came across two separate individuals that also use wheelchairs to get around. one told me he doesn`t even feel like leaving his house "what's the point "he asked, he went on how depressed he was, he said he just wanted to stay hidden away. While talking to this man I could see in his eyes pure sadness he was on the edge. I gave him my phone number if he ever needs someone to talk to.   

That same day I met another young man who`s also wheelchair-bound and was suffering from severe bedsores due to the fact that he constantly stayed laid in bed, he too was very unhappy and suicidal due to the fact that his life changed. He explained that all the people that were once part of his life don`t even come around to visit, not even a phone call to see how he`s doing.  I left my phone number with him also.

  They both stayed in touch with me and I made time to visit them, we even went on outings together. This really lifted their spirit, today I am happy to say that these two individuals are both very happy and spend more time wheeling around hitting the gyms, shopping even clubbing, the second guy his sores he's since healed and he`s even getting married, "life is good" he exclaimed.


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As a paraplegic, I use every opportunity to stay in shape and develop my socializing skills. It's important to get out and about, get some fresh air and some sunlight. 

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