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Love and disability

We all want love, we need to have that special someone in our life that we could connect to, discuss issues, shoulder to cry on when we're feeling down and someone you can cuddle up with, when the mode is right.

Real love is possible even when you're disabled.

Unfortunately, there's a reality that a lot of people living with disabilities face. While some people find it easy to meet up and socialise, browse the Internet dating sites with confidence, meeting new people that they eventually end up falling in love with, even marrying.

Sadly, some people living with disabilities struggle to find genuine love, instead they are treated as outcast even shunned. Sometimes even used conveniently for financial gain, while all their looking for is the very same thing everyone else seeks. Love and affection. I can recall through my own experiences the struggles I went through before I found true love, or should I say before true love found me. Sometimes I felt like a burden, last resort, an ATM machine, and a convenient friend. People treated my feelings as if it didn't matter, it's like they couldn't see past my disability, that I'm still a human being with a heart that can love.

I know that there are many people living with a disability that can relate to what I'm saying and my message to you today is, don't allow anyone to break you down and make you feel less than what you're really worth. Love is real and there are genuine people out there that sees beyond your disability.

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