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You're not alone get support from life coaching.

It's extremely difficult the first two years when you are transitioning from able-bodied to live with a disability.

I know for some of you this is a very difficult conversation to have.

At some point, reality starts seeping in, it's better soon than later.

I remember it took three people to help me into the front seat of a car, now I'm able to transfer on my own.

And I know some of you would have spent time in an institution receiving proper physiotherapy management treatment.

But what about those who never had any and have to fend for themselves?

I had to learn everything on my own the hard way, one of these lessons was how to get rid of the stage four bedsore I developed.

Had it for almost two years and nothing I did would heal it, eventually, I got it sorted.

I now know that the majority of my suffering was due to my neglect.

For the past seventeen years, I have learned and taught myself how to live and manage my life as someone living with a disability.

I would like to share my experiences and knowledge with those of you who can relate and is having a hard time accepting life with a disability.

I have developed a program that encourages muscles management, the building of self-esteem, increases stamina, mobility and overall good and healthy active life.

No gym or strenuous exercise, my program is simply day to day life activities that will help promote wellbeing.

If this is something you would be interested in feel free to contact me at the link below.


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