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Disability and your partner's Responsibility

We spoke about people living with disabilities and finding love recently, but when we do find that Mr or Mrs right what exactly do we expect from them?

One afternoon as I sat in my local city town centre just chilling enjoying the atmosphere, I observe a few people going by sat on their wheelchair while their partner push them along from point A to B.

Most of them was sat in the wheelchair with their arms folded and their facial expression showed of total unhappiness, while their partners struggle to push them along.

What's wrong with that? I am sure some of you would ask. Well a lot, honestly, and I'm quite sure some of you would disagree with what I'm about to say.

But sometimes our partners need to be carried too. Our partners are just like us, they do things during the day.

Some probably go to work, some work at home, on top of that they might have a hard day at work, but they are still there supporting and nurturing our needs even leaving themselves on done.

We can't be selfish and think of our own feelings and needs while our partners also has issues happening in their lives, we should balance the scales.

Make life easier, for example if there's nothing wrong with your hands and there's a cup right there within your reach. Don't call your partner away to leave whatever their doing, so they could fetch you that cup.

Another thing I've noticed just because we use a wheelchair or suffer from some type of disability we tend to become dependent on our partners, family and friends as if it's their duty. It's not.

There are people living with serious disability conditions, whom, wholly and solely needs the round the clock care.

And there are those that has a disability that isn't as serious and think it's the end of the world and their daily responsibilities becomes someone else's.

We should not throw such burdens and responsibilities on our partners with the expectations that it's now their responsibility

What we should do is push as much as possible to stay totally in control of our independence, so at the end of the day our partners won't start feeling overwhelmed, resentful and avoid you.

Some people use their disabilities to seek attention, pity love and affection, but this is not the way.

It would help, even improve your relationship with your partners when you try to be more independent.

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