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The day I gain my independence as a paraplegic "Ants almost ate me alive.

What you are about to read is a true story about one of my many challenges living life as a paraplegic.

People always say to me "how do you cope with your disability so easily"

I usually reply with the same answer,(by god's grace).

But that's not entirely the full story. Even though god's grace is a part of it there was one particular incident that took place that gave me that extra push to make myself less dependant.

It was one evening 2005, my ex-partner and I at that time was arguing, I guess she couldn't cope with dealing with me in my condition anymore.

I had just come back home from the hospital a paraplegic, with a catheter and bedsores on my backside ( buttock) two of them.

So she stormed out of the house and left me there alone, at some point, I fell asleep and woke up in the dark thinking she was back I called out and got no reply, I was thirsty and wanted a drink of water, but, for me, the kitchen was a challenge.

I tried to sit up and felt sand beneath my hands on the bed all around me I don't know how the sand got in my bed, I reached for my phone and used the light of the phone to investigate.

I was horrified by what I found, a colony of ants was under me, on my buttocks, in my bedsores, inside my underwear by the thousands, I didn't know what to do, where to start.

I remember laying still, frozen for a moment, then I broke down and cried.

It was at that moment I decided I would never ask anyone to do anything again for me, from there on I continued to try and make myself as independent as possible.

I dragged myself into my wheelchair, (keep in mind I was never able to transfer on my own before) but in this instance, I was desperate and had to act fast for my survival.

This was not just any kind of ordinary ants, I was living in Caribbean, Trinidad, and Tobago at that time, This was (fire ants) and they stung like crazy, I couldn't feel their stings due to my paralysis but I could feel a lot of bumps on my buttocks, leg, and thigh and when I started moving around they started climbing all over me.

Due to my trials and tribulations and challenges, I then decided to share my experiences with PWD to help make their transition smoother, I would not like anyone to have to go through some of the things I have been through and I hope my sharing would help inspire and lift your spirits.

Thank you for taking the time to read, please help me spread awareness, motivate, and

inspire people living with disabilities all around the world.

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