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How do you cope with an unexpected disability

You are a healthy man or woman that have a lot of big plans for your future, like travelling the world, getting married to that Mr or Mrs right, becoming an athlete, etc

Then out of nowhere without any sign or warning tragedy hits you causing you to be immobile, you lose your ability to walk, stand, dance, run, pick up things with your hands or whatever form of disabilities has befallen you.

Now this is all new to you, it takes some of us a long time to come to terms with what has happened, it's a struggle, and it can be very difficult to cope with, some of us suffer with never ending pain that makes it impossible to cope.

How can you, someone that once was able to function well physically now accept this drastic change in your life?

I can't tell you how to cope.

But I can share my personal experiences and knowledge going through my transition.

First, I accepted that this has happened to me, secondly I give thanks to God that I'm even alive, thirdly I started to look for ways and means to get better, I search the Internet, I went to several specialist, who just helped me waste a lot of my money.

I tried meditation which helped a bit.

One thing I realised, I definitely had to do in order to help with my healing was to get rid of toxic people from around me.

Yes, those so called friends and family members that visits you and uncompassionately say things like "wow if that happened to me I would rather be dead" or "I wouldn't leave my house because I don't want anyone seeing me like this"

Yeah, I dropped people like that from around me, they bring nothing but negativity in a time I already feel at my lowest.

They would come and visit me and when they left I felt horrible and sadder than before.

I started to realise that it's taking a longer time than I thought it would to actually get back on my feet so I persuade other options, such as hobbies, sports like handcycling, outtings, whatever could help me keep my focus on healing.

I came to realise that I could do other things... Things I never knew that I was capable of.

I read somewhere that when you lose one sense you improves the others. I've come to realise that this is indeed truth.

I started rowing, never in a million years did I ever thought I could or would row a boat.

I even ended up in place for the 2016 Paralympic games in Brazil, to go and represent my country, unfortunately that was cancelled due to me getting diagnosed with a DVT making it impossible to travel and continuing my intense training.

I was crushed, but only for a while, as much as it hurt me, what difference would it make by me dwelling on it? I continued moving forward with faith towards something better, because there's always something better when you move forward.

So, my beautiful people, its unfortunate what has happened and if we could turn back the clocks we would...

There was times I felt like giving up, it was becoming to overwhelming for me to cope, then I reminded myself who I was before my injury and my goals. It took some determination and a lot of will power but I shook that feeing off with all my might.

What we can do is continue moving forward putting our best foot forward because you, the individual, want betterment.

It's totally and entirely up to you.

The road will be hard, you will stumble and fall, just pick yourself up. Perseverance, if you feel sad - cry, if you have to. We are only humans, wipe your tears away and perseverance, there are better days ahead.

I appreciate that some of you may find it difficult to accept or cope with this new circumstances in your life and it may take some of you a longer period to cope or come to terms.

That's totally okay, as long as you realise that you will need to eventually move forward in order to start healing physically, spiritually and mentally.

I would like to hear from you all to know how some of you struggled through to reach to some sort of peace of mind.

I would like to help reach those that are struggling daily with their disabilities and find it difficult to cope.


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